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Goddess Moon Vibe Box

Goddess Moon Vibe Box

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Deepen your connection to the universe, with powerful MOON manifestation boxes delivered right to your door. Each box is based on the energies of the current moon.

Turbo Blast your intention's each month!

These boxes personify the beauty and magic of our Universe and Mother Earth. Enchant your world with these boxes that include all you need

to bring out your “Inner Goddess”

·Lovingly created by and for those who love the abstruse, metaphysical & supernatural.

  • Thoughtfully chosen around a theme each month in beautiful boxes.
  • Learn how to use crystals, herbs, & essential oils for medicinal and magical purposes.
  • Each box includes your, “Personal Intuitive Message Card”, hand-picked with intuitive guidance.
  • Other items in your moon vibe box may include Herbs, bath bombs, crystal, Aura Spray, herbal soap, candles, featured essential oil blends, sacred items, activated charcoal tablets, holistic remedies, recipes, and incense.

 All of the items selected each month will enhance the moon's theme.

Our monthly Goddess Moon Vibe Box features metaphysical-based products.

Each month you will get fun-size products and samples to enjoy along with information about them.

Un-box a powerful ritual every month.

A subscription is available.

 Order now to receive the May Moon Vibes 'Manifest' Box

 The Goddess Moon Vibes Box is $22.22 plus shipping within the United States. Plus, Applicable Sales Tax. Sales tax can be implemented at any time.

.✨ Important! If you purchase a Moon Vibe Box after the date of the featured moon for the current month you will be sent the following month's box!


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Baby Be Mine

Use the formula to attract and enhance love. Promote fertility and manifest the perfect love child.
This formula has been proven many times over. The best time to use it is during a waxing or Full Moon. Especially if Venus or Jupiter are also present.

Burn this candle in your bedroom. Start by placing the candle in a shallow glass bowl of spring water. Place the bowl and candle on the grid provided.

Then surround it alternately with the Rose & Clear Quartz. crystals that are provided. You can add your own crystals as well. Just make sure to include the ones that come with this spell kit because they have been powerfully enchanted for this intention.

Light the gridded candle at sundown and leave it lit all night. Snuff it out in the morning Continue to repeat the process every night until the candle stops burning. Melt any unused wax and Store in a safe container with a lid.

You can then use this wax whenever you want on any candle wax burner. Clean the wax off of the crystals that were in the candle as it burned. Place all crystals associated with the candle and grid in a red, pink, blue, or black satchel. You can split the crystals up and make more than one satchel.

Place the satchel's under your mattress, and or pillow. Now Forget about it and wait for the magic to happen.


17oz Enchanted Scented Candle (Cotton Candy Scent)
(3) Rose Quartz Crystals
(3) Clear Quartz Crystals
Beautiful Purple & Pink Grid as pictured
A Powerful Sigil
Intention Spell

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