If You Know You Know

"F" Around and Find Out!

"F" Around and Find Out!

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This is the formula that will fix any injustice that comes your way.  When they go low, get magical.   They going to learn today! 

Right any wrong that you have suffered.  Make the RULES prevail in your favor! 

Let Justice lead the way!  

Trouble on your job, legal problems, Bad breakups, falsely accused, racial issues, gender discrimination, anything absolutely anything that is in just this formula will help rectify. 

When it's time to silence the lies and reveal the truth let them "F" around and find out that they have messed with the wrong one today! 

LET The truth be revealed & 

Do not let anyone get away with disrespect!  Don't let them steal your position your crown or your thunder! 

You deserve to be treated right, and they will "F" around and find out today! This formula will bring justice to light.  Get your just reward and more! 

Stand up fight and WIN! 


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Baby Be Mine

Use the formula to attract and enhance love. Promote fertility and manifest the perfect love child.
This formula has been proven many times over. The best time to use it is during a waxing or Full Moon. Especially if Venus or Jupiter are also present.

Burn this candle in your bedroom. Start by placing the candle in a shallow glass bowl of spring water. Place the bowl and candle on the grid provided.

Then surround it alternately with the Rose & Clear Quartz. crystals that are provided. You can add your own crystals as well. Just make sure to include the ones that come with this spell kit because they have been powerfully enchanted for this intention.

Light the gridded candle at sundown and leave it lit all night. Snuff it out in the morning Continue to repeat the process every night until the candle stops burning. Melt any unused wax and Store in a safe container with a lid.

You can then use this wax whenever you want on any candle wax burner. Clean the wax off of the crystals that were in the candle as it burned. Place all crystals associated with the candle and grid in a red, pink, blue, or black satchel. You can split the crystals up and make more than one satchel.

Place the satchel's under your mattress, and or pillow. Now Forget about it and wait for the magic to happen.


17oz Enchanted Scented Candle (Cotton Candy Scent)
(3) Rose Quartz Crystals
(3) Clear Quartz Crystals
Beautiful Purple & Pink Grid as pictured
A Powerful Sigil
Intention Spell

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