Moon Box Subscription

The Powerful Beyond Measure Full Moon Box can be purchased separately or it can also be a Monthly Subscription Gift Box. Each month we hand select the highest quality items for these boxes. We have spent many moons learning & growing. Each item that you receive, has been enchanted to hold powerful energy. Each box will contain Crystals & A Candle, Ritual Oil, & Aura Spray. Also included are a magical sigil, mantra, intention spell, herbs, and other items. These are one-of-a-kind boxes specifically formulate to enhance the energy of the Full Moon.

You will know precisely how to harness the moons power and grow. Included in each box: A Enchanted Candle, Coinciding Crystal, Handcrafted Anointing Oil, Custom Made Sigil, Intention Manifestation Mantra, Chant, or Spell. All with Easy Instructions. Join us as we work to enhance our lives, using a little enchantment to attract all those things that are good and beneficial. All of our products are Enchanted With Shamanic Energy